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We use L’oreal for our permanent (Majireal) , semi-permanent (Luocolor) & color treatment(Richesse) They all built-in color energizers, to provide a high performance touch of deep lustrous color & conditioned shine. It is the ultimate in nature coverage, offering a fantastic shade range across the full color spectrum, super intensive reds, upgrade color lightener, improved consistency & fresh citrus fragrance.

For the hair treatment, we use Paimore product from Japan . We understand that the scalp is as important as the hair, and that both need to be treated. The beauty of hair depends on the healthy condition of the scalp. At the same time for maximum efficacy, all the products are made from plant extracts & essential oil.


We been doing the hair straightening since 2001, each year we add in new product for different type of hair . Starting 2005, we bring in a new line of straighting product from Paimore company from Japan . Now we have seven straighting product to choose from. After we finish, the hair won’t get frizzy ends or dry.


Starting 2006, we have the honor to be the distributor for the Paimore company product (www.paimore.comĀ ) . First we bring in their technical break through Digital Setting Perm machine and perm rods, with the help of the Dear Series treatment and the special lotion (three kinds) for different type of hair. Especially for fine hair, will double the volume & create gentle waves. The hair won’t get dry or fizzyVery easy to take care at home.