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Japanese Straightening


Garren of the Garren New York salon was one of the first to bring this method to the United States after noticing the sleek hair crowning a group of American models who had just returned from Japan. “The texture was just beautiful, so I asked them what happened,” he recalls. The relatively mild glycolic acid used in these new treatments leaves hair stick straight even after air-drying naturally. Instead of a blow-dryer to straighten chemically relaxed hair, small irons steam hair into poker-straight submission- section by tiny section. The irons’ size also allows stylists to spot-straighten areas like the bangs or the nape of the neck-or to use separate, milder solutions on hair that has been highlighted.

But the method has its detractors. “You get exactly what you wished for-stick-straight hair that won’t hold a curl,” says River Lloyd, a stylist at the Peter Coppola Salon in New York who calls the treatment “insidious, because the texture may look polished when it’s actually damaged. After the process, many women think their faces suddenly look big-and when the curls start to grow back at the root, you look like the Bride of Frankenstein.” Eisaburo Ishihawa, owner of Salon Ishi in New York, maintains that root retouching is done all the time-usually every six months-and that straightening even color-treated hair is usually safe because of the strand analyses his technicians perform. The procedure isn’t cheap: At $400 to $1000 for the first visit-touch-ups are much less expensive-the price rivals a flight to Europe. And, at three to eight hours a pop, the treatment will take just as long.

Japanese straightening

We been doing the hair straightening since 2001, each year we add in new product for different type of hair . Starting 2005, we bring in a new line of straighting product from Paimore company from Japan . Now we have seven straighting product to choose from. After we finish, the hair won’t get frizzy ends or dry.

Price starts from $240

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